Tastes of Austria - Part 2 - Marmor Guglhupf

The Marmor Guglhupf is a great sponge cake that I have tasted for the first time in my country after a vacation in Austria. I loved the country so much that since then I started noticing all Austrian products in the shops around me, more than before.

Amazingly, the next time I returned to Austria, they had Guglhupf at breakfast at Hotel Bellevue Vienna. I was so happily surprised that I became an addict of the cake ever since. I buy it at home from Kaufland and I can never get enough.

Marmor Guglhupf

The Guglhupf has several recipes, includes eggs, sugar, butter, oil as main ingredients, can include fruit, chocolate, powder cocoa, but what's the same in all cakes is the special ring shape.

Marmor Guglhupf

It's great for breakfast with coffee, with wine or simply as desert and after you have tasted it, you will dream of having more. Trust me!

Marmor Guglhupf

So start searching for it and try it - you will absolutely love it. Online recipes are also available everywhere.

Take care and enjoy,


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